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What is iOrienteering?

iOrienteering allows you to find events and time yourself with your phone. It is simple to create your own courses.

Take part:

  1. Find an event on the map. Open the icon to find out more.
  2. Register/Log on
  3. Download and Open the app to your phone:
  4. To load a course either scan the setup QR code, or enter the shortcode.
  5. To start the event, scan the start code and off you go.

 To include others, why not organise an event? Any registered user can create an event.


  1. Important: On the 'My Course' page, firstly zoom in so the start location is at the centre of the map.
  2. Then Click Add+ to automatically add a Start and Finish location.
  3. Drag and drop the markers to change their location
  4. Add Checkpoints and arrange them on the map in their correct locations
  5. You can change the order of the controls by dragging and dropping them in the list
  6. Breakpoints pause the clock in the event. The clock restarts at the next checkpoint. Great for road crossing or creating a break
  7. Do you want a Linear course, following a fixed route, or a Score course, where there are lots of controls and you visit as many as you can before then maximum time?
  8. Do you want to share it with the Public, so others can find it on this map? Do you want to keep it Private, so it is not visible on this map?
  9. For QR barcode timed events, download and print the codes and place them on the course. QR events do not need a mobile signal to work as the setup code contains all the information.
  10. For GPS courses you only need the Setup code or the Shortcode text to allow uses to start to download the course but GPS courses do need a mobile signal to load the extra information needed. 

Parents, schools and groups:

  1. Create 'Sub-users' from your account
  2. Your Sub-users are linked to your account and you keep control of their data
  3. The limit is 20 sub-users, but If you would like to increase the number please contact us.
  4. Sub-accounts cannot create courses and only their username will appear in the results.

Help out:

  1. This app is free to use but costs money to develop and maintain. 
  2. If you organise an event or take part please donate towards the running costs.
  3. If you can see a way to make it work better please tell us your suggestions and ideas.
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