iOrienteering Mobile App

The App is very easy to use, we are on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the app is free to download and try for yourself.

To get started scan the course set up code from the map or at the start location. Once you ready to go scan the start code to start to clock. Scan the controls as you pass them, then the finish code at the end to stop the clock.

Once finished you'll be offered the chance to upload your results to this site, Simple and fun.

You can create your own courses or try one already set up just visit the Course page.

Compete against yourself or your friends. You can run on separate days and still compare your times. The results get uploaded to the website and stored.

Don’t limit your uses of the App to just running. Why not use it for Mountain Bike Orienteering (MBO), car rallies, to time a cycling sportive, to time your local fell race route? The markers can be placed on the race route and scanned as they go past.

We have some permanent markers for you to fix around your course, but you can download and print your own to use on temporary courses. Laminate them to make them longer lasting, print them on labels to use on an urban flash event. The App is only limited by your imagination and the uses you can come up with.

The App stores the GPS location where the markers are scanned so you can tell if someone has cheated! With time we will also produce an version of the app to plot your route which you’ll be able to download and view when you’ve finished.

So if you need to time an event, on foot, on bike, in a car, in a kayak, on roller skates, in a town, in a park, just create a course and start the App.

Get it on Google Play